Friday, June 25, 2010

A few pieces, here and there

It has now become my habit to blog about my experience during the run. So this time I thought, instead of doing that, I will put down some nice quotes I noticed during Bangalore Sunfeast World 10K 2010 and Bangalore Duathlon(marriage of running and cycling) with a couple of photographs. So here it goes:

· I would rather wear out than rust away. (This one truly captures a runner's mindset)

· The race for education has no finish line. (How true!)

· I felt like running. (Is there a better reason to run?)

· We are a team in a solo sport. (My own creation - a tribute to my Runnerhood friends)

· If you are not going to cheer them, why did you come here? (Overheard a mother scolding her son who was not too enthusiastic about cheering runners)

My favorite memory, though of those runs, turns out to be during Bangalore Sunfeast World 10K 2010. As I passed by Cubbon Park Library, I saw a girl holding a banner bigger than her size with the message “My daddy is the best”. One of our Runnerhood members, Rajesh, reached to her and said that he also thought her daddy was the best. Later on, while we were feasting on apples, we came to know that she was daughter of Gopal, our fellow runner(Bib no 1550 in below photograph)!


  1. "I do not want to stop now, keep walking" :P What an experience! Completely rejuvenating ::)

  2. Good quotes... I liked "I would rather wear out than rust away." the most. That is the way of life.