Friday, June 26, 2009


The numbers are many, but the zero is special,

The round and hollow leads others to follow;

In the vast and expanding space,

Find out how the number got its rightful place.

Least amused were the Greeks when it ducked the axiom of Archimedes,

Aristotle, the lighting house of the society, so much despised it,

God was summoned to deny the moron for centuries;

Thus orphaned the conception of the Babylonians,

But the Indians embraced it like their own child,

They nourished its soul, so to make it play and run in wild;

The invading Arabs saw the virtue, they took it wherever they ventured,

The number thus learned to do business in the east and the west;

The Renaissance threw the light, suddenly the number was shining bright,

No longer was Aristotle right, the zero finally won the fight;

Even strange is the twin sibling, the infinity, the limitless,

‘Cause no subtraction changes it;

Pascal, when combined the pair, Was pleased to find the Almighty there;

The poor mathematics was in trouble,

When the logic and the proof were gone out of the roof;

It takes faith to believe in the void, the nothing, and in the infinity, the everything.

Newton and Leibniz saw the roots of Calculus,

That changed the face of the craft, for once and all;

Physicists find it in the creation and destruction of the universe,

Like the Lord Natraj in His dancing pause;

Be it zero hour of the big bang,

Or the ground zero of the black hole,

Zero triumphantly appears in them all;

Nothing can be created from nothing, so they thought,

But it has all the worldly powers, the nought,

So the zero shall live on, when all of us are gone.

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