Monday, May 11, 2009


Beauty is in the flight of a bird,

Beauty is in a kind word;

Beauty is in the water,

And in a pot made by a potter;


Beauty is in the green land,

Beauty is in the touch of a hand;


Beauty is in those two eyes,

Where the depth of an ocean lies;


Beauty is in the bread that does feed,

Beauty is to help someone in need;


Beauty is in smiling flower even if it’s in a gutter,

Beauty is in the face which says a lot without a mutter;


Beauty is in the never-ending road,

Beauty is in the Omni-present God;


Beauty is duty, it is purity,

Aha! Beauty is simplicity;


Beauty is to care, it is to share,

Beauty is to stand up and dare;


Beauty is to take, and to give,

Beauty is to love, and to live;


Beauty is there in you, and it’s here in me,

Beauty it is when “You’ and ‘I’ become ‘We’;


I believed beauty was nowhere,

And, Beauty it is, now I find everywhere.


  1. nice one.. good perspective .. A rather touching one

  2. yaar this is one of the few things i really wish i had... power of words.... so very expressive...

    very simple words but it says a lot... specially these two lines are just awesome...

    Beauty is there in you, and it’s here in me,

    Beauty it is when “You’ and ‘I’ become ‘We’;

    PERFECT.... :-) congratulations mr. poet...

  3. Simple and terse liners that put Beauty in the beginning of every verse ( though few lines are left, I recommend to change it ;))

    I feel more sentimental of you...!!!!!

    It's really beautiful world indeed, just we need a perspective :)
    So dont think of death but keep living the beauty in you and around you...

    Keep writing beautiful blogs too... have fun..